Crop: Year 4

Crop 2019 Workshop Details

Your Crop 2-day registration gets you access to all things Crop. This means that everyone who purchases a 2-day registration for Crop 2019 will get to attend ALL Crop workshops. With a block style schedule that kicks off early the morning of Thursday, April 18th, you’ll be set for the day with a host of fellow creatives for an inspiring & knowledge filled day of both hands on and practical workshops. Fair warning: 2-day registrations sell out FAST. Don’t wait.

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Lisa Quine – Hand Lettering

From chalkboard menus to murals to ad campaigns to magazine covers, hand-lettering is everywhere! It’s both a useful skill for any artist or designer to have as well as a super fun activity. In this workshop, we’ll be brushing up on Typography, exploring how to find and use inspiration, then we’ll walk through a bunch of fun exercises. By the end you’ll have a more informed grasp on sketching letters and words in a number of styles.

Materials Needed:
•Large Eraser
•Pencil (mechanical or standard)
•Standard Pen, Marker, or Felt Tip Pen
•Any Colored Pens/Pencils (optional)
•Notebook/Sketchbook (optional)
•iPad Pro/Tablet (optional)

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Industry & French Paper – There Will be Bleed

There Will be Bleed Volume 6!! Join Austin, Texas’ Industry Print Shop along with French Paper for an exclusive hands on workshop. All workshop participants will be guided through the screen print process by Industry Print Shop experts and Brian French. This will be the first 4 color TWBB poster ever created for Crop. Workshop will conclude with the largest collaborative print effort Crop has ever seen. All participants effort in this hands on portion will be on display and available at Friday night’s after party.

Materials Needed:
•Poster Tube Large Enough for an 18x24 Print (optional)
•Notebook for Notes

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Pretty Useful Co – Business of Design

In today’s world, it takes more than just creative talent to run a business. Unfortunately, many of the skills needed to do so aren’t discussed nearly as often as they should be. Both talented illustrators with full time jobs, Clare Freeman & Allie Mounce have challenged themselves and succeeded in running their own small business (while still kicking ass at their day jobs). Join Clare & Allie of Pretty Useful Co as they cover topics such as: best practices for your small business, how to balance full time jobs with passion projects, and how to work harmoniously with your friend or partner.

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Michael Fugoso – Growing Your Social Media

Michael Fugoso is a San Diego based Illustrator/Designer that goes by the Instagram alias as ‘Fugstrator’/Fugs (pronounced 'Foogs’). Fugs is mostly known for his illustrative style that brings out the depth of flat illustration in a modern skeuomorphic vision. He also has a thriving freelance business strategized through Instagram and Dribbble, working with clients such as IBM, Adobe, CNBC, Salesforce, General Mills, and two of the largest space companies in the United States among others. Fugstrator is 5 years in the making; Be sure to join his workshop as he breaks down his methodology of standout visual style development, as well as utilizing simple content driven Instagram posts and techniques to acquire high profile clients, followers and exposure.

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