Crop: Year 4

Convincing Your Boss to Send You

We know you want to come to Crop 2019. We want you to come too. However, we know that convincing the boss can sometimes require a little help. Luckily, we’re here to do just that. You know and understand the value of attending an event like Crop. So, here are a few pointers to help your boss see the value as well.



We handpick our Crop lineup to ensure we bring the most creative value & inspiration to our attendees. By bringing in some of top names in the design field as well as some creative rockstars in the making, you’re bound to come away inspired, re-fueled, and ready to challenge & push yourself to create like you’ve never created before.




Crop is a tight knit group of creatives from a myriad of disciplines. It’s great to see people that came the first year are still connecting, collaborating, and staying in touch with one another years later. We have the perfect size crowd that never feels too big or too small. When you come to Crop, it’s easy to meet & engage with fellow, like minded creatives.




Employers have a lot of overhead. We get it. We’ve been there. That’s why we make it damn near impossible to say “we can’t afford to send you to Crop”. Crop is an incredibly value conscious creative event. This was by design. Our pricing was designed on the principle that we wanted to make Crop accessible for our core demographic - creatives. We, designers ourselves, know what it’s like to be waiting on that client invoice before we buy that new type family or renew our cloud subscriptions! Luckily for employers, they too, can benefit from the affordable nature of Crop events.




Everything about Crop was by design. Including when during the week our event takes place. Crop is always on a Thursday & Friday. So, you’re not going to miss your Monday morning standup (if anything, you’ll be there bright & early overflowing with ideas!). This makes for a perfect segue into the weekend versus taking up too much of our valuable work week time. Spend the first part of the week getting things done and then you’re gone 1-2 days max to re-energize, gain new skills, grow your creative network, and come back with game changing ideas for your company.